The learnin’ mind is the livin’ mind, Meronym said, an’ any sort o’ Smart is truesome Smart, old Smart or new, high Smart or low.

Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

I put it to the great man, the key to fictitious terror is partition or containment: so long as the Bates Motel is sealed off from our world, we want to peer in, like at a scorpion enclosure. But a film that shows the world is a Bates Motel, well, that’s… the stuff of Buchenwald, dystopia, depression. We’ll dip our toes in a predatory, amoral, godless universe—but only our toes.

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas (via starttofin)

The very words “California Bound” are dusted in gold & beckon all men thitherwards like moths to a lantern.

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Dinner party tunes #whatimlisteningto #beirut #budpowell #roxymusic #algreen

Dinner party tunes #whatimlisteningto #beirut #budpowell #roxymusic #algreen