Remembering all these things he let fall the swelling tears, lying sometimes along his side, sometimes on his back, and now again prone on his face; then he would stand upright, and pace turning in distraction along the beach of the sea, nor did dawn rising escape him as she brightened across the sea and the beaches.

Homer- The Iliad XXIV

…Hektor held out his arms to his baby, who shrank back to his fair-girdled nurse’s bosom screaming, and frighted at the aspect of his own father, terrified as he saw the bronze and the crest with its horsehair, nodding dreadfully, as he thought, from the peak of the helmet…

Homer-The Iliad, VI

… The day of bereavement leaves a child with no agemates to befriend him. He bows his head before every man, his cheeks are bewept, he goes, needy, a boy among his father’s companions, and tugs at this man by the mantle, that man by the tunic, and they pity him, and one gives him a tiny drink from his goblet, enough to moisten his lips, not enough to moisten his palette.

Andromache, The Iliad, Homer

As there are no trustworthy oaths between men and lions,
nor wolves and lambs have spirit that can be brought to agreement
but forever these hold feelings of hate for each other,
so there can be no love between you and me, nor shall there be

Achilleus, The Iliad (via italkedaboutfantasies)